Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Grand plans and sand castles

Yeah, that didn't last long. I think I maintained my slow-mo mode for two odd weeks and jumped right back into the familiarity of work thereafter. It's funny, for someone who likes to theorise on the importance of smelling the roses, how much I detest the idea of not being employed in a productive manner. 

It's 2022 and the even number reminds me that it's been 40 years since I graced the planet. I had grand plans to ring in my 40th, something memorable that I would always look back upon and remember. I wanted to finally go explore the one country I have been keeping on hold for eternity. I wanted to spend time travelling with my sister, with my family, with my closest friends, all separately so that I could enjoy each experience individually. 

And I wanted to take a deep breath and try to travel alone. Not on work, that I've done a million times, but truly try to explore a place by myself. See if my own company bored me. Go where the day took me. I dine alone most of the time but I wanted to see if I could actually go and travel alone, without the crutch or security of companionship to fall back upon. Rediscover who I am, beyond the roles that I play and the names that I am called. 

But it seems like a lot of that may not happen this year. Italy's borders are still locked down for tourists, my sister is a doubtful candidate, friends are too busy pleasing their bosses or worried about antagonising their spouses, and I wonder what the whole point of it all is. 

But 2022 has given back to me the joy of planning travel. Italy may still seem a distant dream but I welcome the flutter of excitement in my belly as I plan other trips close and far. I think my 40th year may be teaching me that things may not always go as per plan, but if you roll with it, they can sometimes veer into interesting roads too. 

Let's see where this goes...   

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