Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Between the greys

It's been almost four years since I wrote here. And boy, has the world changed or what? It feels like a sci-fi movie. Or perhaps a bad dream that has you thrashing around in the night but you just don't seem to wake up from. 

Talking about how you feel should be normalised. Over time I have realised that people, even those closest to you, want you to talk to them about your life, as long as its all rosy. People can't deal with thorns or bumps for an elongated period of time. It bores them. 

But that's the very core of living, isn't it? The smooth stretches interspersed with bumps along the way. Your favourite music playing in the car with you singing along, the wind in your hair, gorgeous countryside to drive through; even if it means going over a few bumps. 

I guess that is why I find myself restarting this blog. Because life is not black and white. You can't smile all the time, nor can you drown yourself in tears. It's not like a dramatic film, racy background music et all. 

Life exists between the greys. In the various hues between black and white is where you will find the good stuff. The fears and the turmoil. The small joys and the spontaneous laughter. The disappointments, the realisations, the acceptance. It is in the greys that you will find the reality. The truth about everyone's life. Yours, and mine. 

Welcome back to The Thought Express. And so it begins again. 

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