Friday, March 7, 2014

What a wonderful life

It's been 2 weeks since I blogged. And usually that should ring alarm bells if you are someone who cares for me. The only times I wean off my blog are either when I don't have internet access or when I feel something so deep or so dark that I rather not share it.

But no worries, this time it's neither of these. I feel wonderful. Life is amazing, has never been better. It's like walking along the winding mountain trails, cutting through clouds. Like lying down on a beach recliner, sipping on something and just staring at the sea. Like getting lost in a good book, one you just can't put down and read all night long. Like being so loved that you sometimes want to pinch yourself that this is just a dream. Like being the center of someone's life such that he has no want to ever look at another face or hear his name from lips other than yours. Life for me right now, is like taking a bite of a dish which is so phenomenal that I can not stop eating it. Like a helium filled balloon let loose in the sky.

Life is absolutely wonderful. It can never get any better than this :)

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Views and Info-Picks said...

The greatness of life brings us all to accept and acknowledge its unwavering and persistent light and shadows.

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