Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You're lucky

You don't know how lucky you are. No, truly. Even if you think life is terrible and you hate your job, you're lucky. You have a job to hate. If you fight with your wife everyday, you're still lucky. You have someone to love. If you think your parents are too intruding, you have parents who want the best for you. If your friend doesn't seem to have much time for you anymore, you still have people you can call friends. If you're not with the one you love anymore, atleast you have a lifetime of memories to smile in the dark about.

You're lucky.

I forget to say this to myself sometimes. Human nature prompts me to look at the darker side of life. But once in a while, a jolt shakes me and reminds me, I'm not just lucky, I'm downright blessed.

One of my close friends, an absolute angel, one of those few people who go that extra mile for people they love, is going through a tough time. Sometimes, when bad happens, it all happens together and light seems so far away. I know, because in completely different contexts, I have felt like that myself. But P, this is just to remind you that we're with you, always. You're in our thoughts, and those of all those people whose lives you have touched and made special just by being the person you are. The bad times are gone now...its all good from here on. Be strong... 

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Anonymous said...

I totally ,totally agree with you.

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