Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year Resolution 2014

The New Year is just around the corner. Time to reflect on the year gone by. An interesting year, landmark in many ways. A little nephew to love, godmother to my best friend's angel, four new countries visited, connected with family whom I have known all my life but barely ever met, a personal loss for my father, letting go of expectations from some relationships, professionally a mind blowing year having done numerous projects with a leading food critic of the country, a new laptop, a new phone, invested in our second house, daughter's admission in the best the end of the day, so much to thank god for. 

What I learnt this year is also important. I learnt that you can never be truly happy if you keep putting yourself last. Because then you base your own happiness on other people's actions and words. My resolution this year is simple. To love myself. That's it. No long lists, no dramas. I vow to love myself and put myself a few notches higher on my own priority list. To remain fit and dress to kill, not to show anyone but for the confidence that the image in the mirror gives me. To do work that makes me happy and gives me validation of my professional choices. To respect people but draw the line for those who do not respect me or value my feelings. To laugh more, worry less, hope more, repent less. To try new flavors, travel to new places, hold my dear ones close, do all the things that make me happy. 

Happy New Year everyone...what's your resolution??

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