Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The kids figure it out

3 adults, 2 toddlers and 1 dog. Piece of cake, right? Oh, you have no idea!

Living with my sister has never been so eventful. Reporting in from Canada, we're holed up in the house today for my benefit, outside temperature being -9*. This trip has been super interesting, especially in terms of observing how N behaves around other kids. Growing up with doting adults around, my Sonu has always been the center of attention and always has someone to pamper her. Her cousins in Delhi are 5-7 years older than her so they also treat her like a doll, giving in to her every whim.

Act 1, Scene 2. Little Miss Muffet arrives in California where her 4 year old cousin has enjoyed a similar status in her kingdom. Thus ensues a constant battle for supremacy, each trying to come out on top. They enjoyed each other company thoroughly, yet always bickered over who gets what.

And the plot thickens. Canada brings her to her little brother A. For the first time, N finds herself to be a big sister, asked to be responsible. She did resist at first, wanting to remain the little baby. But eventually she started enjoying the role of being 'elder'. She now has learnt to share toys, be gentle with him (sometimes) and whisper when he is asleep. It is especially touching to see her overwhelming concern when he cries...she goes to him and asks him if everything is ok...even offers him toys to distract him. Being all of 2 years old herself.

Its strange that as a travel writer, my post from my Canadian travels centers around 2 kids. But then, with 2 toddlers in the house, it is far more action packed than any Jackie Chan film...

In my next post, I promise to talk more about this gorgeous land...the yum food...the unlimited shopping. Till then, I hear a baby call me upstairs....adios amigos. 

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