Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Of Dreams and Reality

You're here, at this point in your life, for a reason.

No, this is not a post about fate and destiny. A few years back it may have been. But today, older and none the wiser, I believe in reality. My profound reaslisation is this...are you ready for it....(drumroll....)

"We are where we are because of the choices we make and those that others make affecting us". 

There is no greater hand involved, no guiding light, no stars of destiny. At every crossroad of life, we are presented with options. And we make the choice we believe to be the best one at that point in time. Sometimes, people make choices or decisions that affect our lives too. And an amalgamation of these choices brings us to where we eventually land up.

Movies and books have us believing otherwise. Entire generations have grown up counting stars and looking for signs or waiting for the perfect moment or person. One often lives in retrospect, fantasizing about 'what if' or look outside your life, dissatisfied with today, with the hope that something outside is better. This post is not about acceptance or resigning yourself either. It is merely about the fact that fantasies are always rosy. No one has a dull one. They seem exciting and promising, for the sole reason that they are untouchable and unreal. Reality has a way of sinking into your life and peeling away the magic. But if you look at your life in the mirror, you may realise that your reality could be the fantasy of millions of others. You may realise that you have been too harsh on yourself and on life. That you have everything around you to smile. And to be grateful. Because of the people who chose to be with you. To nurture you and stand by you, through good decisions and bad. To dream and to live with you. And as far as places go....that is a good place to be....  

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