Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hum to chale pardes...

Sometimes fantasies do come true.

When I was growing up, travelling abroad was a big deal. A really big deal. You talked about it for months before you even took that flight and don't even ask about bragging rights once you returned! If you went to London, you were pretty cool...but the top of the social pyramid was reserved for those who travelled to the Promised Land-America!! They came back with stories of exotic food, mesmerizing cities and the land of plenty!

When my brothers moved across the oceans some two decades back, my interaction with them was reduced to sending them rakhis every year with a handwritten note about the year gone by. This ofcourse was before Zuckerman came into our lives.

Our love for travel has shown us a glimpse of beauty scattered around the globe. But when I landed at San Francisco 2 days back, I felt like the school girl who had finally 'arrived'.

And it is all that it promised to be. The burgers are sinful, the drinks supersized and meeting my brothers as if they had never left.

Travel diaries to follow...but for now, let me sip my tea as I feed the ducks in the lake in the backyard...its a tough life, you see!!

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Friday, October 4, 2013

A ray of sunshine

Something amazing happened today.

Yesterday started off on a terrible note. Someone who I thought knew me well misjudged my intentions and the very core of who I am (no, that's not the amazing part obviously :)). I play it cool most of the time but the few people I make myself vulnerable to can reach inside me and cause me unbelievable pain. Which is what I felt.

How did I cope with it? I did the only thing I know how to. I wrote. I poured myself out on my blog and the moment I did, I felt lighter. I was reminded of who I am and not who people may perceive me to be. Once I felt better thanks to the catharsis, I deleted the post, knowing that seeing me upset would only upset my parents (the drawbacks of having your family follow your blog).

Now for the amazing part. In the past 24 hours since I deleted the post, I received mails from three completely different and disconnected people. A friend, an acquaintance and one who only connects with me through my words here. And these three people, in their own way, just sent in a word to see how I am. To tell me that they cared.

That is nothing short of a miracle. In today's seemingly fast life where we all seem to rush past each other, brushing away anything that may cause a diversion, I was touched that there were people who were concerned enough to notice that I had removed a post about feeling bad. People who wanted to make me feel better.

And make me feel better they did.

Thank you. You all know who you are.  

Here is a poem I read on Suchitra Krishnamoorthy's blog 4 years back and I still draw strength from it. 

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