Thursday, July 4, 2013

An open letter to the Curious Mind

Dear Curious Mind,

I understand where you are coming from. Atleast I try to. I understand the need in you to know. To connect the dots. So I do not take offence when you, a person who barely knows me, asks me personal questions like whether I am married, how old my daughter is or where I live. Though I do not enjoy them, I can also understand your need to relate to my career decisions and explore the reasons on why I quit my job to write.     Or where my sister lives...since many dogs she has etc etc.

The problem is that you do not just want to gather information. You want to plot a graph. And perhaps a character sketch. I so know when you ask me what school I am from, what the next response is going to be. Let me say it outright. 'Everyone' knows someone who passed out from DPS RK Puram. No, I do not know so and so. There were 2000 kids in my batch and I did not know 98% of them. Some I did not know by chance, some I chose not to! Similarly, there are more than 60,000 people who work in HCL and I think I knew around 50 of them. So the probability of me knowing so and so's friend's husband is as remote as a flying muggle.

I understand that these are the ways and means of polite(!!) conversation, an art that I fail miserably at. But if you really want to know me better, ask my opinions. Ask me how I feel about things or instances. Explore my mind and not my bio data! And perhaps, just perhaps I may choose to open my thoughts and myself to you. But if plotting the dots is all you need to do, I warn you, I'm not going to be a fun conversationalist!

Kind regards

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