Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Clarity in a moment of panic

They say that when you have a child, your heart walks outside your body. For once, they didn't lie.

Yesterday, I almost died.

My baby got locked in my car. Strapped in her car seat, the key too far for her to reach and a child lock on her door. In the 20 minutes that it took us to break the window and get her out, I kept talking to her from outside her window, smiling wildly so that she wouldn't panic. Yet only I know what it took for me not to completely lose my mind and keep trying different things to get her out. It was as if my heart had seized, as if I couldn't breathe.

And once she was out and I could envelop her in my arms, it all became clear. How futile and insignificant any other emotion is. Yes, I am terribly overworked, usually unappreciated and an emotional wreck. Yet, I know when I hold her at night that she is the reason I exist. Just smelling her hair gives me strength to smile.

Someone asked me what I seek in life. Naive me replied that I wished to be understood, appreciated and wanted. I now realise it was never about me anyways. All I seek is for my Sonu to be safe, loved and happy :) And that is good enough for me...

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Empty page

I know I haven't blogged since a few weeks. And I know that is very unlike me. But I just can't write these days. I sit in front of a screen and stare at it, the words just seem lost somewhere. I hope they come back to me. They are my closest allies. They keep me sane on a stormy day. Till then... do bear with me.

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Monday, June 3, 2013


Do you believe in angels
In those pure of heart
Believe that you’re connected to someone
Right from the start?

Have you ever smelt jasmine
Wished on a shooting star
Felt the rain on your face
Touched someone from afar?

I saw I saw an angel
Its touch was soft as snow
And as it whispered my secrets
I felt my heart aglow

A moment so very precious
As if time itself did stop
It rolled away invisibly
Down my cheek, a teardrop.

Bihari chic on a platter

My latest Rediff article is a Restaurant Review of a unique little Rooftop Cafe called Potbelly. If the name and the quirky decor doesn't entice you, the finger licking food sure will. Owned and run by 2 young girls who I happen to know since many many years, this is as good as the young Indian dream gets. Puja Sahu especially is such a super talented designer that I was one of the most disappointed people in town when she shut her lil boutique down to open this. Yet, I know now that I should have rejoiced. 

Do not take my word for it...go check it out for yourself. 

Read the article here

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