Friday, February 8, 2013

Visitors will be prosecuted!

Being an outsider gives you an unbiased perspective of things. Since I have left the mighty corporate world, I pay pilgrimage to my colleagues in their office time and again for varied projects. This is unfortunately not a task I relish.

The smooth process of driving into the office and going straight up the elevator that would take me 3 minutes as an employee is now nothing short of an arduous task. For some reason, most offices either do not have a visitors parking or have it in some obscure place from where you need to walk a nice long path to reach Step 2, the visitor pass. Getting the visitor pass itself is something like entering the FBI HQ. Most involve an instant photo clicking session. Step 3 involves leaving the guardhouse or main reception and trudging up to the particular office building where my colleague may sit. A long wait at the second reception and finally navigating myself through doors which need security cards (which visitors ofcourse don't have and guards are suddenly missing), I reach my destination, albeit 30 minutes after entering the premises.

Next time, I'm going to suggest a concall!

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