Wednesday, January 16, 2013


For all those who look at me but don't see me, I feel sorry for you. For those who think my capability or the value of my opinions is linked to how much money I earn, I feel sorry for you. Because it is disproportionately high. For those who can't deal with the clarity of my thoughts or the infidelity of my interests, I feel sorry for you. Because, I have the guts to say, I don't know what I ultimately want. And I won't settle. 

For those who only hear my silences, I feel sorry you can't feel the beauty of my thoughts. For those who disregard all that I do, I feel sorry for your myopic vision.

Because yes, though I am luckier than most in countless ways, I am also stronger. I am infinitely more tolerant, forgiving, emotional and giving. I do things for people without bothering about who gets the credit. I am talented, intelligent, punctual and have a will power of steel. So if in my idiosyncrasies, you see none of these, I feel sorry for you.

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