Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear Pen Pal

I know every generation says this, but the world these days has really gone to the dogs! When I was growing up (said in a deep saintly voice), there was a concept of pen pals. And the beauty of the thing was that they were actually pen pals- two likeminded people who wrote to each other about innocuous and innocent things like how their day was and what their favourite book is.

Then came the internet and there was a wave of 'chatting'. Some losers joined the scene but still there remained people there who just wanted to talk.

Today unfortunately, the world of pen pals has deteriorated into a grimy underworld where perverts scout out other perverts. There is no concern about who the other person is, what do they have to share. Add to this the very real fear of cyber stalking and this is a door that remains shut in the lives of normal people just wanting to have a conversation.

Human nature couldn't have changed this fast. I am sure, people like this still existed 20years back. But then where did the simple ones migrate to? And with this muck flying around, will they ever learn to trust again?

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