Monday, November 19, 2012

Freedom (??!) of speech

When are we going to respect freedom of speech and individual opinions? I should be terrified of writing this post. After all, the reason for this post, a college kid who dared question why there was a bandh in Mumbai was arrested and put in jail. Along with the girl who liked the comment.

Ofcourse, 'appropriate' action had already been taken by 2000 party workers who stormed her uncle's hospital. That wasn't enough.

And as we talk, on a side note, Julian Assange still hides in a room in London.

In countries that boast of being democracies and of respecting individual opinions, I see a gross disregard for the same. I see fear and autocracy. I see whispers in closets and fake bravado.

I feel suffocated that I feel the need to write a cryptic post. A post without naming people or incidents lest I bare the brunt like that young girl. And I feel confused. The last I checked, my tricolor wasn't turning into a bright red and the chakra into stars of oppression.


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Ashem Yadava said...

Misuse of the state machinery and more often than not it is the 'Mango People' caught up in pursuit of political vendetta.

Same which has been the case of 2 Air India employees, Mayank Sharma & KV Rao, arrested for 12 days on 'modified' remand note and sections just because they dared to challenge the position of a political personality.

The news channels are covering this up now, while they have been kept in prison, chucked out of their jobs by AI, in May 2012.

Still no justice...still no justice!

We are Demo-Crazy!...we need demos to wake up!

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