Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Lost World - Bhutan

Bhutan, a travel destination that doesn't feature too often in the Top 10 Travel List of people yet was always a dream of mine to visit. Second only to Florence and Rome in Italy, Bhutan for me spelt mysticism and beauty. My fascination with Tibet only helped this cause as Bhutan is the Last Shangri La, the only Buddhist country left in the world.

Bhutan is a contradiction. If you do take out time to read the article, I mention that often. It watches the world from behind a thin veil and yet doesn't yearn to join the rat race. It is not backward from any angle, just not commercially exploited, which can be such a refreshing change. The people are better read, more confident of themselves and far more at peace with who they are than people I have met elsewhere. 

My latest article on Rediff only touches upon the piece of heaven that this country is. If you want to feel it in your soul, you need to book your ticket and go visit it yourself. And do it soon...before the ugly monster called commercialization dulls the vibrant hues of this nation into a monotonous grey. 

Read the article here.  

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