Monday, October 15, 2012

Kitne (un)cool hain hum!!

I think I'm getting too old. Or maybe I was born old! Yesterday we went to this thing called the NH7 Weekender. A fabulous concept, if you may. 2 days long, 5 stages set up in the F1 Buddh Circuit area. Different bands playing different slots. If you don't like the music of one band, walk over to the next stage. Food stalls by the likes of Olive and Smoke House. Multiple bars. Even a mobile ATM in case you run out of your money! One big party.

So I reach there at 7pm on the final day (it ended at 10pm) and the first half an hour was great. We ran from the stage with Megadeath playing (could NEVER like hard rock) and swayed a little at the stage with afro reggae. But slowly and surely, we realised we weren't made for this scene.

I spent more time appreciating the flawless event management and innovative branding ideas there than the music itself. Don't blame me.. Put me in a Mohit Chauhan or Kailash Kher concert and I can spend hours. Ghazals, Sufi music.. Even blues by (god forbid) the likes of Bryan Adams or rap by Eminem is up my alley. But rock? I guess besides a few months in high school where I pretended to like it to be 'cool', it was really never my poison!

So a yum burger and a few Mojitos later, the clock barely striking 9, we made a quick exit- back to my baby and my inviting bed. Leaving the head bangers and the tattooed behind. It was a cool concept, but perhaps I am just not cool enough for it!!!

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Thanks for all of your work on this web page. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

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