Monday, October 8, 2012

Hold my hand

There was an article a couple of days back in the Times Of India about how uncool it is to call your loved one by an endearment like jaan or hon. The author also went on to say that she despises public displays of affection like holding hands.

Hmmm. Thank god I'm not in the race to be cool. I would cringe if he called me Hanu or (god forbid) Harnoor. I find it impersonal and cold. There are enough people in the world who use my name, it makes me feel special to have him not use it.

And don't get me started about holding hands. Call me immature or weird but I find holding hands the greatest expression of love. It signifies that I want to protect you.. And that I can not imagine letting go of your hand for a moment. Reaching out in a movie, on a drive.. Or just while strolling, there is such sweet innocence about holding hands. Such warmth.

So don't beat me up for being childish.Hold my hand, my love, and tell me once more that you love me. Coz I can never hear it enough times..

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Mori said...

You know... I work at the Times of India... And I can't believe that I missed reading such an article.. But even if I did, I would have had the same thots as you.. Just thinking bout holding my girl's hand makes me smile.. In fact, I'm smiling like crazy rite now.. :)

"I can not imagine letting go of your hand for a moment."

Beautiful... :)

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

She's a lucky girl :-).. People like you seem to be dwindling by the second!

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