Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting wiser..unfortunately

A realisation, slowly has been creeping up on me. That I had it figured out all wrong till now. I never could do things for appearances sake or because it would look good. I only do things when I mean it. So every single action of mine has emotion behind it, not routine. And I felt that the people who truly love me or know me, will know that. I spend all my time trying to balance things, balance people. So that I can do whatever is in my capability for people that I love equally and not play favourites. Somewhere down the line that got translated into me being misunderstood as being selfish and doing things when they suited me.

It's unsettling to realise that there is probably only one person in this world who understands me. Maybe my theory was wrong all along. Maybe it pays to look good. I never bothered to get credit for most things I do because I thought that if the person I'm doing it for is happy, then its payback enough.

I may not be the perfect person in your eyes, maybe far from it. But I try to be the best I can. I wish a handful of people that I spent my life loving saw that in me.

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