Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rants of an overworked mom and underworked professional

So whenever I get a phone call (the frequency of which has drastically reduced since I quit my job), like most conversations, it usually starts with "What were you doing"? But if I reply with "working", pat comes the reply "working? On what?"

Hmmm. Lets see. I won't dwell on the fact that when I gave the same reply in office, it was never met with incredulity. I will also not dwell on the fact that if I call anybody (like anybody) else, and I get that reply, I am expected to nod understandingly and call back later.

So, what is it that I (idle lil housewife that I am) may be busy with? With raising a child (often single handedly) maybe. It could be one of the 3 times that I gave her a bath, or one of the 6 when I'm trying to get her to eat nutritious food (or cooking it for that matter). I could be reading to her. Or maybe setting the house right after the 20th time that she equally distributes her toys in each room.

Perhaps if its my lucky day, I may be struggling to research on my pending project which I still need to build my point of view on (all the time fending off the lil one who wants both my attention and my laptop). Or if god is very kind, I may get a few minutes to pen down a page for an article (don't even get me started on my pending book).

I may be running chores which I never gave a thought to before I had a baby (do you know how difficult it is to go buy vegetables if you are alone with a child)? Or a trip to your bank branch which you have been putting off forever because you don't want to take your daughter out in the afternoon heat.

So when you ask me what I'm upto, I rather say "nothing much". It implies that I may be sitting with my feet up reading a book and sipping on tea. Its an easier picture to paint rather than justify what it is that I'm 'working' on.

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