Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yum Mum

You know you've been vacationing too long when a passing auto's passenger asks you the way and you actually know the answer! 10 days in Mumbai, how they passed in a blink. I have often visited this city on work. But I was always in such a hurry to get somewhere that I never had a moment to enjoy it. Which is what I did this entire trip. Allow the Maximum City to seduce me. It tried its best, and its been fun while it lasted, but my darling Capital City still wins.

What happens when you let a foodie with no agenda lose all over a city? She returns with a much lighter wallet and a few extra pounds to hide under layers of clothes. People wonder what I've been doing in Mumbai all this time. Don't I have work to do back home? You see, my work is two fold. One is a 2 foot something in whom my heart beats. And the second is done virtually anywhere I can find a paper, pen and internet connectivity. And thankfully, both these are portable. So it really is irrelevant whether I am in Delhi or Mumbai. And yes, my sea facing room and the endless buffet breakfasts do tip the scales a little.

Oh the Chocolate Mud Cake!!

So coming back to my food adventures. There have been hits and misses. Best thing first- I discovered the little bit of heaven called Mahesh Lunch Home. Agar jahaan mein kahin jannat hai, to yahin hai yahin hai, yahin hai. If you are a seafood lover, this is the answer to your dreams. The range of crab, lobster, fish or prawn dishes is phenomenal. Each preparation better than the other, the Manglorean crab curry was divine as was the masala basa. Its not the dhaaba it used to be and not light on the pocket anymore but well worth it. A little tip- order the boneless crab even though it is double the cost. I went for the one with the shell and the effort was just too much!

The ever so famous vada pao was a huge disappointment. Too dry and too spicy. The sev puri on the other hand was lipsmacking. 20 bucks well spent.

Cafe Moshe was just overrated and served a terrible terrible pasta. They part redeemed themselves by making a delicious chocolate mousse though.

Again, another tick mark for street food I had an Amazing Chicken Frankie. Second best to the memorable one I had at Chaos, it melted in the mouth and left me wanting more.

Which leaves only the room service I have been ordering at Novotel. Limited menu, juicy burger, lovely Thai curry, dry club sandwich and a sinful molten chocolate cake.

Thus has been my journey so far. Pics will be added when I get back home and consolidate all my snaps. Till then, I still have 2 days to go.. And so much to eat!
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