Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to climb the corporate ladder

In comparison to my peers, I walked out of the corporate life pretty early after 5 years. Yet, while I was in it, I was told that my work style was quite effective and my productivity enviably high (so modest!!).

I learnt a lot about work place ethics from all the leaders I worked with in these years. Each had a different work style and yet, everyone taught me something. And to them, I will be forever grateful.

I also realised once I started being 'self employed' that work ethic is even more important outside of the corporate world than in it. These rules apply to any and every kind of work, whether they fit into your framework of a 'job' or not.

My latest article on Rediff talks about a few key tips on how to increase you 'Effectiveness' at work. These are not just words for me, but rather define my work style.

Read the article HERE

PS - After I wrote this post, my brother wrote to me and commented (am not sure tongue in cheek or not) that for a person who worked for 5 years only in the industry, I sure had some sage advice. My thoughts on this are this - It is an intellegent man who learns from his own mistakes, a wise one who learns from others.
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