Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Work trip? Anytime!!

Amongst the few things I miss about my corporate days (yes there are a few), travel is high on the list. Always a nomad, I loved to travel on work. Even if it were to commercial Mumbai or sweltering Chennai. I miss it all. I miss the taxi cards at the airport with my name on them, the hotels, the long languishing tub baths with a book in one hand and a glass of cold coffee in another. I miss being the master of my own itinerary. Working in new offices with interesting people and sneaking away sooner than I would dare to in Delhi!

I miss the ego kick that somebody thought me valuable enough to invest so much in my comfort and convenience. I miss watching TV alone in the hotel room with room service to boot. I miss meeting old friends. Discovering places. Or bunking a conference to watch a movie with colleagues (ya ya, don't look so shocked..you've done it too).

I miss the independence. The sense of being carefree. Sometimes. I do.

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