Thursday, May 24, 2012

Move over Gen Gap, here comes the Tech Gap!

I remember the days not so long ago when anything that parents didn't understand was attributed to the Generation Gap. Unfortunately, before I could experience the same for myself, the concept became redundant and I am now forced to acknowledge what can only be called the Technological Gap.

Let me disclaim at the onset that I have always considered myself tech savvy. I was making spreadsheets when I was 6 years old and have seen times change from Lotus to MS office and from PC-XTs to laptops and tablets. But my lil Sonu reminds me that she's made of different stuff than I was.

At 1 year of age, she knows the difference between the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone, has a strong preference for one of them (its against my principles to say which one) and even knows how to unlock my phone. The downside is that she now assumes that any gadget worth its salt must be touch screen and wonders why the TV doesn't change channels when she swipes the screen. She has already rejected the PSP for the same reason and now only listens to fairy tales on the iphone or plays apps on a tab.

I know I'm still one up on her but the day is not far when she will be teaching me tricks and shortcuts on our gadgets. That day I hope I have the humility to smile and accept defeat. But till then, let me enjoy being the secret keeper of the knowledge of all things cool.

How times change.

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