Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And thereby ends the tale

And thus ended my 2 months of exploring the creative genius in me. I enrolled in this writing course with the hope of finding which genre is my writing style best suited for. Thankfully, the professors unanimously agreed that Travel Writing suits me best. I was also pleased to find out that I'm not bad at writing fictional short stories. Unfortunately, I also discovered that I am terrible at comedy and my 'dry' humor is not so easy for the average person to understand.

I also learnt interesting techniques in writing and what a fascinating world the written word hides. My mathematically inclined best friend would love concepts like N+7 and lipograms (entire pieces of writing or books which avoid words containing a particular letter).

I met some wonderful people from varied walks of life. I shared perspectives with brilliant professors and allowed myself to be subject to their criticism. I loved learning again and got reminded of how I love giving exams.

Another chapter that comes to a close. Here's hoping for many such more.


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