Sunday, April 29, 2012

The City of Joy - Restaurant Review

My never-ending quest for interesting food took us to a small restaurant in the area within south Delhi where I have spent a majority of my childhood - Alaknanda. Nestled in the colony's Aravali market is a small Bengali restaurant called 'City of Joy'.

Diamond Fish Fry

 My exposure to Bengali food is limited to Oh Calcutta. However, fine dining and eclectic as it is, it can not possibly represent this state where people take their food (and most else) very seriously. Thus, I am happy to announce another winner in this category.

Being novices in this department, we asked the server for his recommendations. How Punjabi do I possibly look that he rattled off the likes of Chicken Curry, kaali daal etc. Only with some help from him did we finally manage to order. The menu has various options, for most of which you can even order half plate.

We started off with the Diamond Fish Fry, which the name really explains. Half plate has two fabulously crusted and fried fillets of boneless Betki. Very moist, extremely well favoured and fresh fish! We followed that up with Chingri Kalia (two tiger prawns in a rich tomato based gravy) and Betki bhapa maach (also known as patter maach) which is fish steamed in a banana leaf with a mustard paste. The latter was a unique taste to our pallete yet it was something so perfectly balanced that we could have asked for doubles. The mutton curry was nothing special but did have a different take to it from the version familiar to North Indians.

The Spread
My vegetarian friend seemed quite happy with her Phool ghobi malai roast and Chanar kalia (paneer in a thick tomato gravy). The cauliflower dish was actually quite tasty and I surprised myself by taking more than just a bit!!

The total damage for 4 people was Rs.1600 and I do believe we had ordered lavishly. All in all, well worth the drive. If you like Bengali food, and even if (especially if) you've never tried it, head off to 'The City Of Joy', it won't leave you disappointed.

Rating: 3.5 on 5
Meal for 2: Rs.800
Alcohol: Not served
Home Delivery: Available within Alaknanda

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