Thursday, March 8, 2012

Culinary Awards 2012

With the dismal awards selection for both Delhi Times and HT, I have taken matters into my own hands. Here are my awards to the choicest restaurants in Delhi. Mind you, a poor writer like me can't afford the 5 stars, so if you're looking for Wasabi and Bukhara, close this page now!

The Award for the best...

North Indian- Karims, Jama Masjid
South Indian- Spice Water Trail
Eclectic Pan Asian- The yum yum tree
Japanese- Shiro, Ai
Chinese- Royal Chinese
Mediterranean- Lodi, The Garden Restaurant
Italian- Diva/ Big Chill Cafe
Mexican- Amigo
Korean- Gung, The Palace
Desert- Big Chill Cafe
Burgers- Hard Rock Cafe
View- Boheme

Special awards: The perfect place for-

A special romantic evening- Seville
Hang out for coffee with friends- Mocha
A drink after work- Hard rock cafe/ Amour
A quick bite- Nizam kathi rolls
Midnight hunger pangs- Qutub Institutional Area Maggie guy
When you're reallyyy hungry- The Great Kebab Factory
Winter Afternoon Chai- Triveni Tea Terrace
Brunch- Olive
Lunch on a budget- Andhra Bhawan
Boti kebab roll- Bhramaputra market, Noida
Club Sandwich and Shakes - Yellow Brick Road
Shawarma - Al Bake
Sizzlers- Used to be Yokos but since they have stopped serving Steak, this award goes to no one!
Khao Suey- The Kitchen

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