Saturday, March 24, 2012

1 year!

As I see you dozing away peacefully in my quilt, your head on my pillow, I stare in wonder. It seems surreal that I gave birth to you. That you grew inside me for 9 months and then I faced my biggest fear in life, childbirth - all to get you into our lives.

And then you turn in your sleep. Your naughty eyes closed shut, your little upturned nose and teeny lips like the beak of a little bird. I stare at you in wonder. Life couldn't have been tougher than the past 12 months. Each day tested my endurance, physical and emotional.

But when I look back, I don't remember the sleepless nights or the helpless crying. The pain of giving birth to you seems but a dim memory. But I do remember 365 days and ways in which you have enriched my life. Each day that you wake up and look around frantically trying to see where I am. And that smile that reaches your lips when you finally see me. The naughtiness in your eyes, the games you love to play and the way you insist on calling an apple - aaa kle :)

Someone once said "You are the most beautiful person I know. Inside and out. And I can see this more clearly with each passing day". Its true, you are. You are....everything that is pure and true and real.

Happy birthday my baby.

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