Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pride in Prejudice?

It scares me sometimes just how prejudiced man is. Humans as a race. If its not the color of the skin, it is the blood in his veins.

An enormous country like India has multiple layers of diversity. Religious, cultural, culinary, caste, class etc. Many of these stratas were created to organise society and maintain harmony. For example, a certain group of people would for generations have a certain profession thus simplifying competition.

But the problem arises when one group considers itself superior or more important than the other. Solely on the basis of the group they belong to regardless of their personal achievements or intelligence.

Thankfully while growing up I was oblivious to the concept of castes. Till date, I have no idea what caste my best friends of 25 years belong to. Because it is an irrelevant question. I do not judge them on WHAT they are rather love them for WHO they are. But what is scary is that I am in a small minority. As I grow up and meet more people, I am shocked at how callous people are in dissing sections of society, in being openly disrespectful to their culture and believing they are inferior to them.

This is not the folly of any one religion. I am a Sikh and the very religion built on the tenets of tolerance and equality today has sub sects and castes. As does Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

As I said in the beginning, this is a human phenomena and not an east versus west debate. The west is equally prejudiced against sections of society.

I hope that I can achieve what my parents did. Raise a child who believes that every human being is equal. I hope I can teach her to bow her head in Gurudwaras, Temples, Churches, Mosques, Stupas. I hope I can help her accept and love people for who they are. I don't plan to change the world but I hope I can help her see this world clearer without multiple tints of prejudice.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Story of my Life

An excerpt from a hand out in my Fiction Writing Class:

Through a story, the audience gets experiences of 'life' more potent and 'true' than real life. 'Life' with meaning and purpose. Where people get what they want if they really believe. Wherein true love exists. Where inexplicable events are resolved.
This makes a story unlike the real world, where experiences happen, events unfold, time passes, but not always in a way that offers resolution or is fulfilling.


Damn, so all this time I thought life was a story! Now, THAT makes sense!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

1 year!

As I see you dozing away peacefully in my quilt, your head on my pillow, I stare in wonder. It seems surreal that I gave birth to you. That you grew inside me for 9 months and then I faced my biggest fear in life, childbirth - all to get you into our lives.

And then you turn in your sleep. Your naughty eyes closed shut, your little upturned nose and teeny lips like the beak of a little bird. I stare at you in wonder. Life couldn't have been tougher than the past 12 months. Each day tested my endurance, physical and emotional.

But when I look back, I don't remember the sleepless nights or the helpless crying. The pain of giving birth to you seems but a dim memory. But I do remember 365 days and ways in which you have enriched my life. Each day that you wake up and look around frantically trying to see where I am. And that smile that reaches your lips when you finally see me. The naughtiness in your eyes, the games you love to play and the way you insist on calling an apple - aaa kle :)

Someone once said "You are the most beautiful person I know. Inside and out. And I can see this more clearly with each passing day". Its true, you are. You are....everything that is pure and true and real.

Happy birthday my baby.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Sometimes you just don't feel like writing. Like talking. 

Sometimes you're just done. 

Sometimes it all seems so futile to you. 

Sometimes the colors seem to merge into each other and make a murky grey. 

Sometimes tears are just salty water. 

Sometimes the only conversations are the ones you have with yourself. 

Sometimes it just doesn't matter.

Sometimes it's all just crap. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

My encounter with royalty

I've been to my share of weddings. Living in the city of gala weddings has that advantage. And I love going for them. Love getting dressed, eating yummy food and watching people trying to outdo each other in their fineries (oh yes, in Delhi they do that)!!! But I have never been to a wedding like the one yesterday.

There was nothing glaringly different about it. It was in an army mess, with a stage, a mandap and food. But that's where the ordinariness (!?) stopped. The attention to detail came through in each aspect. The barman knew his Mojitos, the decor was elegant and understated and the people - OMG the people! I have never seen so many interesting people in one gathering. And why not. The wedding just happened to be Nepalese royalty marrying into the Rajputs!

The colorful safas worn by the bride's side, the Nepalese topi on the groom's side. The age old attire of modest ghaghras with long cholis and a dupatta covering their head. The heirloom jewelry from an era gone by....big gold naths, pahjebs and matha pattis or pasas on their heads. Each woman uniquely attired yet all quietly graceful. There wasn't a bare back or halter in sight. It wasn't required. This was about elegance. Understated. The kind of elegance and beauty that doesn't demand just gets it.

The guest list did not boast of big celebrities, though I am sure as hell they could have gotten anyone down whom they wanted to. The attention was on extended family and 'biradari'. The bride's father is a high ranking Army officer but you know how respected you are when the Army chief, Air Chief and high level Navy Officers attend a wedding together.

And the food!! Oh my god the food!! In all the weddings I have been to, big and small, 5 stars and huge gardens, I have never been to one where there wasn't a single flaw in the food. It wasn't extravagant. I've been to weddings where there were 500 food items! There were lesser items here than most places. Yet, each morsel so flavourful, it blew our minds away. The seekh kebab so soft that it melted like kakori usually does! Each of the 4-5 salads were unique....with tofu in the Caesar salad to the perfectly herbed Spinach and feta salad!The main course had the most popular Rajasthani, Nepalese and Kashmiri dishes - think Laal Maas, Yakhni, Rista and the likes. And then came the counters for Fajitas, Shawarmas, Gilauti and ...hold your breath.... a whole lamb cooked on a spit in front of you!!!!

I've been to weddings thrown by rich people where everything is lavish and extravagant. And people with connections so you saw models, actresses and cricketers sauntering around. But yesterday made me realise that you can't buy elegance. Either its in your blood or it isn't.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Culinary Awards 2012

With the dismal awards selection for both Delhi Times and HT, I have taken matters into my own hands. Here are my awards to the choicest restaurants in Delhi. Mind you, a poor writer like me can't afford the 5 stars, so if you're looking for Wasabi and Bukhara, close this page now!

The Award for the best...

North Indian- Karims, Jama Masjid
South Indian- Spice Water Trail
Eclectic Pan Asian- The yum yum tree
Japanese- Shiro, Ai
Chinese- Royal Chinese
Mediterranean- Lodi, The Garden Restaurant
Italian- Diva/ Big Chill Cafe
Mexican- Amigo
Korean- Gung, The Palace
Desert- Big Chill Cafe
Burgers- Hard Rock Cafe
View- Boheme

Special awards: The perfect place for-

A special romantic evening- Seville
Hang out for coffee with friends- Mocha
A drink after work- Hard rock cafe/ Amour
A quick bite- Nizam kathi rolls
Midnight hunger pangs- Qutub Institutional Area Maggie guy
When you're reallyyy hungry- The Great Kebab Factory
Winter Afternoon Chai- Triveni Tea Terrace
Brunch- Olive
Lunch on a budget- Andhra Bhawan
Boti kebab roll- Bhramaputra market, Noida
Club Sandwich and Shakes - Yellow Brick Road
Shawarma - Al Bake
Sizzlers- Used to be Yokos but since they have stopped serving Steak, this award goes to no one!
Khao Suey- The Kitchen

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