Friday, February 24, 2012

Triveni Tea Terrace - For some chai and gup shup!!

During my post grad days in Ahmedabad, there was a theater next to the Sabarmati river where MICA held its annual play. The theater was called Natrani. It was gorgeous, an open air amphitheater, the stage overlooked the river itself. There was a little cafe there too called Natrani Cafe.

My recent visit to the Triveni Tea Terrace and Art Gallery for some reason took me back to the memory of Natrani. Which is strange because I never really hung around there, wasn't too fond of theater or have any special attachment to that place. Just some memories of the person I was. Its like my grad college slam book. All the snaps in it remind me of the crazy fun I had with my friends. But most of all, it reminds me of carefree me. Not a worry, nothing could faze me.

But I digress. Triveni Tea Terrace is the canteen of the similarly named Art Gallery. Perfect for a winter afternoon chai and gup shup, it is the perfect place to catch up with old friends. While we are at it, it also reminds me of the time in college when our daily chai and french fries were a sacred ritual. With no clock ticking away, it was when time stopped.

As it does here. Don't get me wrong. I don't think they will look too kindly at you if you wish to lounge here for hours (the board clearly says 'No smoking or meetings allowed!!'). But it's the perfect place to have delicious grub at rates that you could well afford back in college too! Overlooking a lovely amphitheater, its such a lovely setting, a hidden cove in the madness of Delhi. You will be in the company of arty folks, professors and a couple of bureaucrats but then I'm quite thankful the corporate types haven't discovered it yet.

The main course
The menu is a short 2 pager with all day eats on one side and lunch on the other. We had the mutton curry (which was absolutely fantastic and at Rs.85, a steal) and paneer bhurji (quite average) with some raita.

OMG So good!!!!

But the best part were the succulent kebabs which at Rs.45 a piece were just the perfect bit spicy and left us wanting for more. If you go, do try the mirchi ka parantha to go with all this.

Very surprisingly, it wasn't the gulab jamun that was the perfect ending to this meal but a wonderfully moist walnut chocolate brownie. And with a TOTAL bill of Rs.500 for 2 after ordering like kings, I would say I'm already wondering when I'm going back next!!

Try it out...before Delhi's summers come raging in. Or don't. That ways, it will still be exclusive and my little secret for the next time I go there!!!

Rating: 4 on 5
Meal for 2: Rs.500
Alcohol: Not served
Closed for dinner

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shirin goel said...

so comfort food......

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