Saturday, February 11, 2012

Romance in the capital

If you are one of those who still believe in love and in celebrating it, the big day is just around the corner! Even if it does tend to get corny, there is no reason not to celebrate Valentines Day with the same excitement as you would want to as a teenager! Here are my picks of the most romantic restaurants to visit this week for no other reason, than just to make your partner smile...and feel special for a while!!

1) Lodi, The Garden Restaurant:

As is obvious from the name, the restaurant is set amidst the gorgeous Lodi Gardens. There is a certain earthiness to Lodi that is difficult to find in a fine dining restaurant. The food is exceptional, but bear in mind that the portions of the starters are just enough for a nibble.

2) Sevilla:

I've blogged about this restaurant a while back...but 4 years is a long time. The good news is that this outdoor restaurant in Claridges themed along the Spanish city of the same name is still as good! The better news? I've been to the city in Spain which shares the same name and even though it is a beautiful city, the one in Delhi is far more romantic!! The food though is not so much to write home about. But then, you don't go to Sevilla for the food. You go to be wooed!!

3) The likes of Magique, Olive, Olive Beach and Tonino:


I club these 4 because to me, they have the same vibe. Outdoor seating set amongst gorgeous greens and cozy indoors. The food in these as well, to me, seems very similar. Decent enough but not mindblowing. And somehow, unless you are wearing 3 inch high heels and have a LV bag hanging from your arm (neither of which are my style), you may end up being just slightly ignored here!!

4) Circa 1193

The view from the restaurant

What sets this lesser known restaurant is its fabulous view. What could be more beautiful than sipping hot soup on a winter afternoon and staring at the gorgeous Qutub Minar? The food is good but tends to be inconsistent, really depends on the chef's mood!

Do bear in mind though, that love in today's time comes with a heavy price tag. Any of these would easily empty the wallet of around Rs.3000-4000 per couple. But then, her smile's worth it!!


Kunal Mehta said...

Nice one. Need to check out these places now!

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

You must. In the same order as listed..they're gorgeous!

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