Thursday, February 9, 2012

The irony in the question!

The most redundant questions in a relationship start with why or how. Why can't you love me..why are you could you do this to me..why don't you understand? All redundant. See, if the person really cared, these questions wouldn't arise. And thus, your asking these questions only makes you look silly. They don't really get you any information.

Now if you really want to ask, then prefix your questions with when or where. When did you go there? Where have you been? Now these are concrete questions that can get straight answers!

More often than not, in relationships, we ask the questions merely as a form of expressing our own insecurities, frustration or sadness. We don't really want answers..rather reassurance or just the mere expression of love.

So the next time you're asking a question, take a moment to think whether you are truly looking for an answer..or just trying to reach out..

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