Thursday, February 2, 2012

August Moon shines bright!

Lazy Sunday afternoons in Delhi are for languid lunches. And what better if you have great company to join you and amazing deals to help ease the pocket?

A long pending lunch with friends and a great deal led us all the way to masjid modh last week! Amidst the aristocratic company of Smoke House Grill, Amigo and the likes is hidden a tiny restaurant called August Moon (in the mall). And I'm not kidding about the tiny bit. The restaurant itself only has 2 tables with a few outdoors for fresco dining. The lunch deal we had entitled us each to a starter, a main course served with rice or noodles and a desert. And the clincher? Its not a fixed set of dishes but rather we could choose from the entire menu!

Their starters themselves blew our minds. Each portion of bbq pork ribs had 4 HUGE pieces drizzled with a delicious sauce. The green tofu salad was fresh. But the best was my order of Crispy fish with honey basil. A large portion of perfectly cooked fish with just the perfect hint of sweet and the kick of spice! A must have.

Ammmaazing Fish!!

To be frank, we were quite full already but went ahead and ordered main course. The Chinese vegetables tossed in black bean sauce were just about decent but the clear winners were the Thai curries. Perfectly spiced, they were full of flavour and had tons of vegetables just as we had requested.

Delicious Main course!

By the end of the 2 courses, we almost had to be cajoled into ordering desert but we braved on. The Date pancake wasn't too bad but I absolutely loved the sesame honey crisps served with ice cream.

The sesame strips that went great with ice cream!

All in all, absolutely fantastic for a meal deal worth 350per head! I may not go all the way for their a la carte but another deal like this may just pull me in! Don't take my word for it..go try it out yourself!

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