Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 years post the Gujarat riots

10 years since the Godhra riots, the headlines scream. I wonder why they do that. Scream, I mean. They should whisper it in the corners. Hide the story in the shadows. We as human beings should be ashamed. The judiciary should be ashamed. The police department, the state government should be ashamed. So many people should be ashamed. But they are not.

I am not going to talk about what I feel about these riots. I think I've shouted from the rooftop about it too many times. Unfortunately, like the common man, I've become jaded too. The screams are fading away. The sense of dread and helplessness of standing on a terrace and wondering whether the mobs I could see on the highway will turn my way.,well its so hazy now that it just seems like a bad dream. The more I talked about it, the less people understood. So I stopped talking about it.

But what angers me is that the quieter I and the common man became, the people responsible took it as a sign of resignation and thus their victory. The court cases trudge along. The CM is actually vying for PM (sure he's a great administrator, but then so was Hitler).

10 years gone by. And no vindication. Well you know what? Its not alright. What happened was not alright and what is happening now is definitely not. Why are people with criminal cases allowed to contest in elections? Why is Kasab still alive? Why in the world haven't the Pandher and Arushi cases been solved yet? Wake up judiciary. It is NOT alright. 10 years and still a headline. Shameful.

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