Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 years post the Gujarat riots

10 years since the Godhra riots, the headlines scream. I wonder why they do that. Scream, I mean. They should whisper it in the corners. Hide the story in the shadows. We as human beings should be ashamed. The judiciary should be ashamed. The police department, the state government should be ashamed. So many people should be ashamed. But they are not.

I am not going to talk about what I feel about these riots. I think I've shouted from the rooftop about it too many times. Unfortunately, like the common man, I've become jaded too. The screams are fading away. The sense of dread and helplessness of standing on a terrace and wondering whether the mobs I could see on the highway will turn my way.,well its so hazy now that it just seems like a bad dream. The more I talked about it, the less people understood. So I stopped talking about it.

But what angers me is that the quieter I and the common man became, the people responsible took it as a sign of resignation and thus their victory. The court cases trudge along. The CM is actually vying for PM (sure he's a great administrator, but then so was Hitler).

10 years gone by. And no vindication. Well you know what? Its not alright. What happened was not alright and what is happening now is definitely not. Why are people with criminal cases allowed to contest in elections? Why is Kasab still alive? Why in the world haven't the Pandher and Arushi cases been solved yet? Wake up judiciary. It is NOT alright. 10 years and still a headline. Shameful.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Triveni Tea Terrace - For some chai and gup shup!!

During my post grad days in Ahmedabad, there was a theater next to the Sabarmati river where MICA held its annual play. The theater was called Natrani. It was gorgeous, an open air amphitheater, the stage overlooked the river itself. There was a little cafe there too called Natrani Cafe.

My recent visit to the Triveni Tea Terrace and Art Gallery for some reason took me back to the memory of Natrani. Which is strange because I never really hung around there, wasn't too fond of theater or have any special attachment to that place. Just some memories of the person I was. Its like my grad college slam book. All the snaps in it remind me of the crazy fun I had with my friends. But most of all, it reminds me of carefree me. Not a worry, nothing could faze me.

But I digress. Triveni Tea Terrace is the canteen of the similarly named Art Gallery. Perfect for a winter afternoon chai and gup shup, it is the perfect place to catch up with old friends. While we are at it, it also reminds me of the time in college when our daily chai and french fries were a sacred ritual. With no clock ticking away, it was when time stopped.

As it does here. Don't get me wrong. I don't think they will look too kindly at you if you wish to lounge here for hours (the board clearly says 'No smoking or meetings allowed!!'). But it's the perfect place to have delicious grub at rates that you could well afford back in college too! Overlooking a lovely amphitheater, its such a lovely setting, a hidden cove in the madness of Delhi. You will be in the company of arty folks, professors and a couple of bureaucrats but then I'm quite thankful the corporate types haven't discovered it yet.

The main course
The menu is a short 2 pager with all day eats on one side and lunch on the other. We had the mutton curry (which was absolutely fantastic and at Rs.85, a steal) and paneer bhurji (quite average) with some raita.

OMG So good!!!!

But the best part were the succulent kebabs which at Rs.45 a piece were just the perfect bit spicy and left us wanting for more. If you go, do try the mirchi ka parantha to go with all this.

Very surprisingly, it wasn't the gulab jamun that was the perfect ending to this meal but a wonderfully moist walnut chocolate brownie. And with a TOTAL bill of Rs.500 for 2 after ordering like kings, I would say I'm already wondering when I'm going back next!!

Try it out...before Delhi's summers come raging in. Or don't. That ways, it will still be exclusive and my little secret for the next time I go there!!!

Rating: 4 on 5
Meal for 2: Rs.500
Alcohol: Not served
Closed for dinner

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Living the life of the rich and famous in Plantations @ Coorg

A long awaited travelogue finally published on Rediff. 

Our visit to Coorg last year left lasting impressions. Green, tranquil and full of delicious food.

Read the travelogue here.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Auntyji, auntyji get up and dance!! 'Ek mein aur ek tu' reviewed

Ek mein aur ek tu brings back the joy of light hearted fun. A crisp 2 hour film, it is quirky, witty and new age. Much like the Kutcher-Diaz film, the story starts with the 2 strangers meeting on a crazy night in Vegas and end up getting married. I am happy to report, that's where the similarities end. Imran and Kareena thereafter find a friend in each other and more importantly, find themselves.

In an interview of Johar, I once read that he waited for Kareena's dates because only she could do justice to this role. I concur. There is a thin line between cute and annoying and this role played by anyone else could have fallen flat. Thankfully, it didn't and yet again the actress has given a performance which is endearing, real and thoroughly enjoyable. Surprisingly, Imran has also acted pretty well. I am usually not a big fan of his acting powress but this role seems to have been written for him.

Like most new Johar films, EMAET is scripted fabulously. The dialogues are witty and the characters believable. The music score of the film is fun and never for a moment do you get bored. And auntyji auntyji is my favourite song henceforth! But most of all, this movie wins because it dares. It dares to have an unlikely climax (or anticlimax)..very unbollywood!

I really liked the film. Its cute, fun and a good watch. If your boyfriend or husband doesn't want to watch a romantic comedy, take your friends..or as I did, your mom. An evening well spent!

Rating: 3.75 on 5
Paisa wasool moment: Beta, chew your food 32 times!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Life goes on

Time is a fickle friend. It passes by, no matter what you want. You may want to hold on to it, make it slower, but the clock ticks on. You may wonder how this time shall pass, but worry not, it shall.

The terribly unromantic thing about life is that it goes on. It may seem like the world is ending or you may be so happy that you could just die. But you probably won't. It'll pass. Like most else in your life, as my fav dialogue goes..This too shall pass.

The human spirit is resilient. More than we give it credit for. Not the cliche spirit like titled by newspapers- the Mumbai spirit and so on. Nope, the very spirit inside you and me. It faces the most difficult times and then adapts so quickly, it seems like it was all a dream. We underestimate our endurance. For better or for worse, we can take far more than we imagine!

I wondered how this time will pass. But it did. I'll meet you again soon..so very soon! Just maybe, there IS a God.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Romance in the capital

If you are one of those who still believe in love and in celebrating it, the big day is just around the corner! Even if it does tend to get corny, there is no reason not to celebrate Valentines Day with the same excitement as you would want to as a teenager! Here are my picks of the most romantic restaurants to visit this week for no other reason, than just to make your partner smile...and feel special for a while!!

1) Lodi, The Garden Restaurant:

As is obvious from the name, the restaurant is set amidst the gorgeous Lodi Gardens. There is a certain earthiness to Lodi that is difficult to find in a fine dining restaurant. The food is exceptional, but bear in mind that the portions of the starters are just enough for a nibble.

2) Sevilla:

I've blogged about this restaurant a while back...but 4 years is a long time. The good news is that this outdoor restaurant in Claridges themed along the Spanish city of the same name is still as good! The better news? I've been to the city in Spain which shares the same name and even though it is a beautiful city, the one in Delhi is far more romantic!! The food though is not so much to write home about. But then, you don't go to Sevilla for the food. You go to be wooed!!

3) The likes of Magique, Olive, Olive Beach and Tonino:


I club these 4 because to me, they have the same vibe. Outdoor seating set amongst gorgeous greens and cozy indoors. The food in these as well, to me, seems very similar. Decent enough but not mindblowing. And somehow, unless you are wearing 3 inch high heels and have a LV bag hanging from your arm (neither of which are my style), you may end up being just slightly ignored here!!

4) Circa 1193

The view from the restaurant

What sets this lesser known restaurant is its fabulous view. What could be more beautiful than sipping hot soup on a winter afternoon and staring at the gorgeous Qutub Minar? The food is good but tends to be inconsistent, really depends on the chef's mood!

Do bear in mind though, that love in today's time comes with a heavy price tag. Any of these would easily empty the wallet of around Rs.3000-4000 per couple. But then, her smile's worth it!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The irony in the question!

The most redundant questions in a relationship start with why or how. Why can't you love me..why are you late..how could you do this to me..why don't you understand? All redundant. See, if the person really cared, these questions wouldn't arise. And thus, your asking these questions only makes you look silly. They don't really get you any information.

Now if you really want to ask, then prefix your questions with when or where. When did you go there? Where have you been? Now these are concrete questions that can get straight answers!

More often than not, in relationships, we ask the questions merely as a form of expressing our own insecurities, frustration or sadness. We don't really want answers..rather reassurance or just the mere expression of love.

So the next time you're asking a question, take a moment to think whether you are truly looking for an answer..or just trying to reach out..

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

August Moon shines bright!

Lazy Sunday afternoons in Delhi are for languid lunches. And what better if you have great company to join you and amazing deals to help ease the pocket?

A long pending lunch with friends and a great deal led us all the way to masjid modh last week! Amidst the aristocratic company of Smoke House Grill, Amigo and the likes is hidden a tiny restaurant called August Moon (in the mall). And I'm not kidding about the tiny bit. The restaurant itself only has 2 tables with a few outdoors for fresco dining. The lunch deal we had entitled us each to a starter, a main course served with rice or noodles and a desert. And the clincher? Its not a fixed set of dishes but rather we could choose from the entire menu!

Their starters themselves blew our minds. Each portion of bbq pork ribs had 4 HUGE pieces drizzled with a delicious sauce. The green tofu salad was fresh. But the best was my order of Crispy fish with honey basil. A large portion of perfectly cooked fish with just the perfect hint of sweet and the kick of spice! A must have.

Ammmaazing Fish!!

To be frank, we were quite full already but went ahead and ordered main course. The Chinese vegetables tossed in black bean sauce were just about decent but the clear winners were the Thai curries. Perfectly spiced, they were full of flavour and had tons of vegetables just as we had requested.

Delicious Main course!

By the end of the 2 courses, we almost had to be cajoled into ordering desert but we braved on. The Date pancake wasn't too bad but I absolutely loved the sesame honey crisps served with ice cream.

The sesame strips that went great with ice cream!

All in all, absolutely fantastic for a meal deal worth 350per head! I may not go all the way for their a la carte but another deal like this may just pull me in! Don't take my word for it..go try it out yourself!

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