Thursday, January 5, 2012

The madness called Bigg Boss

There are few people so infuriating that just watching them can get one's blood boiling. The stupid fake who calls himself Sky Walker is the perfect example of this species. And today's episode just proves this.

Since the beginning of Bigg Boss 5 (yes I watch it, so sue me), I have detested the hypocritical nature of his alleged group! Pooja bedi, who highly disappointed me by choosing when to interfere in fights and when to be holier than thou, Juhi the most dominating person in the house and acts like she's so perfect. Sunny who suddenly grew a voice after weeks of being brain washed and most of all a stupid side actor called Aakash.

There is no one perfect in life and definitely not in that house. But that man is just the most insecure creature I have ever seen. Anyone else's praise translates into him going berserk.

It will be a major tragedy if a wannabe like him wins. It will just prove that you can disrespect people and still be rewarded.

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