Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hilton buffet in Mayur Vihar- a pleasant surprise

The world of online coupons and discount deals allow poor writers like me to experience the luxuries of dining in the best places! A similar coupon and an occasion to celebrate took us to Infinity- The coffee shop at the new Hilton in mayur vihar, located literally behind my house!

The buffet spread though not as extensive as the one at Park Plaza, my favourite, was not frugal either. Each dish in the spread was well thought through and distinct. What was even more exciting was that there was a great representation of all meats.

The salad section had ten odd options both in Veg and non Veg. Of note were the sea food salad with prawns and calamari tossed in a creamy mustard dressing and the fabulous smoked salmon. Also interesting was that vessel for tossing the Caesar salad was actually a huge slab of brie cheese. Such an innovative concept!

The chicken in red wine jus and grilled fish were ok, but the prize went to the prawns in butter garlic sauce. No matter how many times i have this dish, i just can't tire of it. Another surprise was the tenderloin in rosemary jus. The meat was soft, succulent and juicy- just like it should be. I did not even bother with the Indian fare after this, though the palak gosht and chicken do pyaza would not have disappointed.

What did disappoint though were the selection of deserts. An anti climax if there ever was one! Terribly limited choice and none to write home about. Save your appetite for the main course!

All in all, a great evening of dining and no whining. A must do at the discounted rate!

Meal for 2- Rack rate Rs.1050 per person.
Rating- 7 on 10

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Peenuts said...

And wht was the discounted rate?? and from where did u get it?

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

It was a 50% off from snapdeal

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