Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Life goes on

When you wear your heart on your sleeve, it runs the risk of falling off and being run over. You should hide it, keep it under wraps and not let anyone peek through the facade.

I do not make friends very often or open myself up to someone easily. But when I do, there is no holding back. I love, respect and cherish my friendships. But when the spider called time spins layers and layers of webs over our day to day lives, we often lose sight of people who stand by us.

Life is a choice. Every decision we make is a conscious choice of what we choose and at the cost of what. There are people who have over time retained my place in their heart and to them I am grateful and I try my best to hold dear. And there are people who became so wrapped up in their lives that they did not notice when the door to our friendship quietly shut. I don’t hold anything against them either. It is a choice they are entitled to, and made. It may seem to me at this point of time that I have wasted my love for them over a decade of my life, but that was a choice I made too.

And now I choose to forget. To shut doors and turn towards the open ones. To open new doors and cherish those to whom I mean something. Whose lives would be incomplete without me, like mine would be without them!  

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