Thursday, September 15, 2011

The sand, the surf and a book in my hand

If you love beaches (and even if you dont), there are few things more beautiful than waking up to french windows looking out into the ocean. There is something so calming about the sound of waves. The windows open into the swimming pools downstairs. Beyond them are cliffs that rise above the beach like warriors protecting their turf. And the beach elevator takes you down to the beach. Miles and miles of sand. Pristine waters that stretch as far as the eye can see. And beyond.

The view from our room

Portugal may seem like a poor cousin of Spain but don't be fooled. The country has a rich history and if you take the time to notice, the 2 countries are as different as Punjab and Kerala. The locals speak much more english than the Spanish. The food is more about grilled meats with crispy skin. My favourite piri piri sauce in Big Chill still reigns supreme as the original one here is just a very very spicy olive oil.

The beach

The waters of the Atlantic are cold and the beach grainy. Leisurely afternoons can easily be spent lounging around on the sunbeds on the beach, not unlike Goa. But the magic of Lakshadweep's sands and waters it has not. They remain for me (as of now) the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

Gorgeous Atlantic Sunset from our balcony

The Sheraton property is lovely and sprawled over cliffs. A 9 hole golf range and several tennis courts and swimming pools do their bit to keep one busy. Albufeira was a much required break in our crazy roadtrip stuffed with sightseeing and running around. It seems like we just pressed the pause button for 2 days. Refreshed, we are off today to see the Fairytale castles of Sintra and then onward to Lisbon.

Adios Amigos.

Sangria and Tapas anyone?

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