Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All my bags are packed…I’m ready to go…

I’m almost standing outside the door! Finally our annual trip to foreign shores approaches. What with the recession and a pregnancy to break our routine, last year the farthest we could manage was Lakshadweep. Thankfully this time we gathered our courage (and you need tons of that to travel with an infant), packed up the little bundle and we’re off to Europe in 2 days. Spain and Portugal beckon.

Hope to catch a bull fight in Seville

This trip should be a first for many things. A first in Europe,  a continent I wish to explore at leisure. A road trip across two countries. Nyda’s first air travel and that too long distance. Lets see how she fares. And our first long vacation with her. It should be a new experience suiting your schedules to the ever changing whims of a 5 month old. We both are used to travelling light and walking around the town all day to soak in the place. Well, one thing’s for sure, we can’t travel light this time !! Her luggage is more than both of ours combined.

Moorish wonders at Alhambra

But with the angel that she is and how she’s used to strolling around in her pram while mom shops or does other stuff, I think this should be a breeze.

Fairytale castles at Sintra, Portugal

Fingers crossed. Currency purchased. Visas in order. Bassinette booked. Hola Madrid…..here we come!!!! 

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Enjoyyyyyyyyyyy :)

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