Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holy money!!!

Should the great wealth being unearthed in Indian temples be brought out and made government property?

As a wise (and very hot) man said "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn".

The recent riches found in a temple in the south amounting to billions of rupees has been collecting for centuries. Kings have left their treasures here as has the common man for as long as one can remember. The question is, do we have the right to take that money out now and decide what to do with it?

Before answering that question, there is another pertinent question. Who are we (as in the govt) to decide that this is the correct time to take out the money and how can one ensure that it is put to correct use? I am not a very religious person and my answers do not have anything to do with the sacredness (taking liberty with the language) of the money. The point is that the government is suddenly playing big daddy. This money has reached here after paying the requisite taxes from the individuals that earned it. Thus, the government's right on the money is void. Does the average citizen have right on the money? Not really. What has the citizen done to earn it?

So who does? The trusts of these temples are chosen with care who keep an account of this money with reverence as they believe that they are serving the lord. The trust also chooses causes to use this money which are often more effective than government schemes that end up putting the money in the wrong pockets. Perhaps what can be done is that the government can ask for a certain percentage of the money to be used for social causes (not religious ones). The rest of the kitty can be left to grow for the future generations. This way, the money will serve not just us but many generations to come.

My concern is that the government's intentions may be right but like many truckloads of treasures disappeared during a certain lady prime minister's time, this huge amass of wealth may get lost into the bottomless greed of a few. Let it serve the nation instead, and in the mean time, let it lie in peace.

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Peenuts said...

"Let it serve the nation instead, and in the mean time, let it lie in peace." Amen!

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