Friday, April 15, 2011

Dilli meri jaan

After a short sabbatical, the writer in me is back. Having lived in Delhi for most of my life, I am a Delhiite through and through. I can imagine living in many cities in India but I cant imagine calling any other place home! Delhi is a favourite amongst everyone to bash. The crime rate is so high...its polluted....and brash...and aggressive...argues the cynic. I choose not to refute any of those points. To rise to these would be petty. The truth is that I have lived in Ahmedabad and Mumbai, both supposed to be safe havens for girls. And I have faced the worst cases of eve teasing in these places. Still, I don't wish to brand these cities as unsafe. The truth is that every place has its own character and demands a certain behaviour. If it is not a good idea to travel in public transport wearing revealing clothes, its best to avoid that. This doesnt mean living in fear. It means living sensibly and knowing what is appropriate where. Save your mini skirts for the upscale clubs and keep your rage off the roads.

Red Fort

Delhi allows one to live life kingsize! Live in nice big houses, drive on nice big roads, have the yummiest food ever, glimpse history when the heart chooses to. I take Delhi with all its faults.... and embrace it for all that it offers.

The tallest brick minaret in the world

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Lodhi Gardens

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