Thursday, March 31, 2011

Small milestones

1 week birthday!! My pumpkin is a week old today. This milestone slipped by unnoticed by most. No fanfare, no festivities. But no less momentous than India winning the world cup in my eyes! Yes, the sleepless nights are tough. Recovering physically with all this going on even more so. One would have thought it would all take a toll on you. And yes, it does. Sometimes it feels like one is alone swimming against the tide.

And then you look at me. With your eyes wide open, you gaze at me as if wondering why my voice seems so familiar to you. Your tiny fingers wrapped around mine, you hold on to me with complete and utter trust. Knowing that whatever happens, I will protect you and hold you close.

I always thought I understood the depths of love. I have loved with abandon, unconditionally and utterly. But when I hold you close, what I feel is not something that simple. Sometimes a wave of emotions overwhelms me, leaving me dazed that it is possible to love someone so much without even knowing them. But then, I know you. I created every pore of your being. Every inch of your skin, every beat of your heart, every whispery breath that you take, I made it all. And yet, it is not pride I feel when you look at me wonderously… I feel humbled and honoured that you are mine!!

Happy 1 week birthday my love.


sona said...

so beautifully written, hanu - brings back feelings of 18 and 20 years ago for me - thanks for reawakening those memories

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Thanks Sona....i'm sure you 'got' what I felt...

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