Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Malaysian and eclectic Chinese food in Delhi– ‘Fu’ reviewed

It’s always a pleasure trying out new places and I’m glad S recommended we skip the tried and tested ones and try our luck at the much reviewed ‘Fu-Better than Chinese’ in GK1. Yes, I agree the name does sound weird (means good fortune in Chinese) and just imagine calling Just Dial for the number and spelling out the name….ummm….F..U…!!

So we did find the number, booked ourselves a table and landed there on a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon. Hidden above the Body Care shop in M block market, its not a place you may notice unless you’re specifically looking for it. We needn’t have bothered booking a table though, even at 1pm on a weekend the place was practically empty. A small 30 cover restaurant, it is divided into lounge seating as well as a few tables for formal dining.

The menu lived up to our hopes with some very interesting options in each course. The Dim Sum menu was divided into steamed, grilled and fried. And unlike all other restaurants I’ve been to, Dim Sum was not synonymous with wontons here but rather with appetizers. Luckily all 4 of us are ardent foodies and our order was proof of the same. The drinks menu is non-alcoholic as of now with some innovative ingredients like Kiwi and green apple. For the first course, we ordered Murtabak (curried meat with egg wrapped in roti canai – Rs.185) and scallion pancakes (Rs.160). These were served with 5 dips to flavour with, 2 of which were made with scallion and were absolutely lip smacking. The scallion pancakes were nice and crispy but the clear winner was the Murtabak. The pieces were juicy, spiced just right and left us wanting for more.

The main course was a varied affair as well. We settled on the Sumatran chicken rendang with nasi goreng (Rs.325), Sambal fish in banana leaf with sticky rice (Rs.335) and Nonya mixed veg curry with roti canai (Rs.270). My favourite was the Rendang, a brown coconut sauce flavoured with  lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. The chicken was so soft that we kept wondering whether it was lamb or chicken and the gravy went very well with the nasi goreng as well. The fish enthusiasts also quite enjoyed the Sambal fish and even asked for seconds on the sticky rice.

Sambal Fish
With absolutely no space left in our stomachs and yet a never say die attitude, we went ahead and ordered a pancake for desert. It came with fried bananas on top drizzled with a delicious chocolate sauce and was the perfect ending for a lovely lunch.

Not your usual idea of a Chinese restaurant. But if you want to experiment with oriental cuisines and try new flavours, I highly suggest you give this place a go.

For my part, absolutely great company that kept us laughing all afternoon, a sunny Saturday and delicious food – an afternoon well spent!

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