Sunday, September 26, 2010

Changing hues

Change is inevitable they say. The only constant. And yet, the mind wonders whether people ever change? Some schools of thought say that once a person’s personality has been defined (in the formative years), events may alter short term behaviour but long term behaviour and attitude can not change.

This comes as a blow to most people who wish one aspect or another of someone they love changes. It could be anything – a habit, the way a person reacts, extent of expressiveness or even as simple as tidiness. But if you really think about people you know, you may realise that at the core of it, in the long term, the intrinsic person remains the same. Does this mean we should not believe in giving second and third chances? Does it mean it is easier to accept something rather than hope that the future will be different?

I have mixed feelings on this. I know in my heart that people don’t truly change. They learn to curb their behaviour or pretend otherwise. On the other hand, in my not-so-long lifetime, I have met a few people who changed completely. Some overnight, some over a period of time. Such that they often become the complete antithesis of who they were. Is this a phase, one wonders? Or is it the reality? 


Unknown said...

I believe, people can change and they do change. But it is more or less always because of some drastic reason behind or else inertia is so much that a person will never change. There are many things which can change within a person - not necessary physically like thought process, habits, etc which are linked to emotive needs or sometimes psychological as well. In a word context brings changes in people.

Unknown said...

circumstances, brain changes and situations make a person change quite a bit. TO change is fine but at the core of it what the person stands for or believes in should not change (easier said than done). you can be nice to people and do thing right thinking of how your actions or words can make things easier for them. But if they think that's a sign of weakness or that's a given and bully you or use that to abuse your 'nicety' then it changes your belief in people and hence changes your behavior for the future. and that's the sad part and the reason why we become so wary of our words and actions as we grow older.

callezee said...

I like to say the all said"change is the only thing having no change"

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