Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Legends of Delhi’s Belly


Legends are a complex animal. They may not be the fad of the day, there may be shinier and better things coming up everyday, be they actors, stories or restaurants. But legends hold their own as places, people or things that have stood the test of time. You must experience them to have an opinion on them, whichever way your opinion may swing!


Rediff recently published my article on Legends of Delhi’s Belly. It traces legendary restaurants in each cuisine in Delhi and includes places of worship for Delhiites like Big Chill, Karims and the eternal HCF from Nirulas.


Check out the article HERE.


Disclaimer: The photographs in the article need an apology. Could have been and will be way better in the future. Food tends to make me lose focus!!


Big Chill Fusilli Chicken Piri Piri

Big Chill’s signature Fuseli Chicken Piri Piri


karim 1

Mutton Burra at Karims


Chungwa 5

Gigantic Golden Fried Prawns at Chungwa


Nirulas 2

The Mecca of all deserts – Nirulas for their HCF

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