Wednesday, May 26, 2010

JourneyMyWay on Facebook

Yes yes, I know I'm behind in my reviews. Thats what juggling does to you! My latest article on Rediff looks great (the snaps could have been better I agree) and JourneyMyWay is gaining momentum.

Which made me realise just how Facebook is not such an easy tool. The JourneyMyWay group was almost touching 100 when we realised that everytime we posted something, the members wouldnt even get an alert, thus you would miss out on all the exciting new places we found.

Corrective measures have been taken, and from now on, please visit the JourneyMyWay company page instead. The restrictions in the FB group was not helping us grow.

Please click on the link below and join the JourneyMyWay company page instead:

Just click on this LINK and when the page opens, click on the 'like' button on top of the page.

We promise to keep you entertained with our new discoveries, photographs and more!!

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