Monday, May 17, 2010

Journey My Way

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Some things are just meant to be – they have been staring you in the face for so long and you just never saw them! Often I get calls from friends and family who are in a particular part of the city and want a restaurant recommendation for a specific cuisine in that area. Or colleagues who are going out of town and just wanted my suggestions on where they should go, what to eat there, how to travel, where to stay etc. Add to this, the fact that I have been writing about Travel and Food for many years now, on websites like Rediff etc. When you put this all together, I saw what had been staring me in the face. A Travel Advisory. Sharing local insights about North India with inbound travellers – helping them experience India in a unique way!

Thus, Ladies and Gentlemen, was born JourneyMyWay. The Travel Advisory helps travellers customise their itineraries to suit their personalities and not go for the tried and tested packages which make them adjust their personalities to their itineraries.

JourneyMyWay (JmW) first tries to understand the clients in terms of their preferences, their comfort levels, what aspect of a city would they be most interested in, what cuisines, how much would they want to spend on the trip etc. Taking these personality traits into account, JmW creates a unique itinerary for them, giving them recommendations on what to see, how to schedule their day, what to eat and where, what to wear, weather temperaments, how best to travel, where and what to shop etc.

Whenever one goes for a trip, the most credible source of information are friends who have already visited your destination and thus may have local insights. JmW is a traveller’s local friend who can help plan and guide him/her for the duration of their trip.

Please visit to explore more of the concept. Also, don’t forget to become a part of the Facebook Group by clicking HERE. Keep tuned in for some great insights, reviews and tips!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea. All the best! You are certainly one of the best people to ask about such ideas!

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