Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Few of my Favourite Things

Tapping away on my keyboard, waiting to board my flight home from Bangalore. I love travelling per se, and travelling on work aint a bad deal at all! But I have come to realise that it really is the people who make a city and not the city in itself. Bangalore to me just wouldnt be the same without V and even though I offer a severe deviation from her socially hectic life, I know she loves my random trips as much I do. Its not so much of what we do, its just the fact that I can be a complete bore and say I prefer to stay home and eat her biryani while we chat rather than go to the very exclusive After Party of IPL..and she wont hate me for it nor think me a freak!

And I have also come to the profound conclusion that dogs are an absolute delight to come home to! I always knew this, but the sheer joy on a doggie's face when you come home, no questions, no grieviences, just plain adoration - its worth the world! I cant wait to get our doggie and hopefully in a few months, I will have my gorgeous pup to pamper silly.

As much as I hate flying, I cant wait to get back home. Home is where the heart is and no other place in the world can ever feel the same. So, adios for now, I sign off with a smile on my face - for I may not be someone for a lot of people...but I'm blessed to be the world for a few.

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