Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year that Was...

Another year comes to a close....they seem to be merging into one another. I think back to New Years last year...or even the year before that. It’s all so vivid, as if it only happened yesterday. The years go by like a film in fast forward with the scenes blurring coz of the pace.

I've realized my life is alternating good years with those which could be better. By that logic, the next one should completely rock :)! On another note, lets think back of some of the things that made this year what it was. My personal goal in life of traveling temporarily satisfied with the countdown - 3 weeks roadtrip across Canada additional to weekend trips to Agra, Jaipur, Lucknow, Nainital, Mussoorie. Work trips to Goa, Bangalore and Mumbai. Not a bad count at all! 2 friends married off to their childhood sweethearts. Best friends moving out of town and some of them returning to visit often. One of my closest friends carrying a tiny version of herself inside her. Some relationships scarred. Some rediscovered. Professional satisfaction with getting exposure unlike any peer, handling new challenges and handling them well. My office moving to 5 kms away from my place which saved me the evil of Delhi traffic. I knew it was too good to be true when the corporate office moved yet again to Saket, 20 kms and a 2 hour drive away! I tried and fell for many new cuisines that I had not explored thoroughly before like Greek, Brazilian, Authentic Mexican, Malaysian, Sushi etc.

On a more macro level, the metro reached Noida. The media got a lot more aggressive which may be tiresome for celebrities but is good for increasing accountability amongst politicians, police and other government departments. TOI launched Crest which is a weekly ‘Readers’ Paper’ not for people like me who just browse quickly through the morning paper. Bollywood gave quite some duds but at the end of the year redeemed itself with Paa, Kaminey, 3 Idiots, Tum Mile and a handful more. A film based on India got an Oscar for the first time and an Indian of the stature of Rahman was honored there as well. The world also tragically and suddenly lost a great musician - Michael Jackson - the man who made everyone want to dance on the moon!!

All in all, an eventful year. And one that changed me in many ways. I find myself a slightly different person today than the one who ushered in New Year last year.

My last year’s New Year Resolution was to learn a new form of dance and thanks to my doting sister, I discovered the Salsa dancer in me.

My new year resolutions. A list of 10 so that I do manage to cross off a few by the end of it.

1. Get a doggie
2. Launch a business idea
3. Try yoga or art of living
4. Give more time and attention to my family and best friends.
5. Be more social
6. Find a publisher for my book “Quick and Yummy Recipes for the Working Woman”
7. Adopt a lifestyle where I live each hour of my day on my own terms
8. Laugh out loud more often
9. Travel to atleast 3 new destinations in the year
10. Be stronger

So thats all about me...What are yours???

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