Monday, November 9, 2009

Eternal Love - A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a far away land lived a princess. The princess had many a suitors but she had given her heart to a prince from another kingdom. The prince loved her with the same fervor that she did. One day, the prince came to her and said “Oh fair one, my duty calls. As much as I would like to stay, my people need me. I will travel my lands and serve my people. But my heart will always be true to you”.

The princess held on to his hand. She smiled through her tears and said “Darling, our love transcends distance and time. Go do your duty, do what is right. But know that whenever I will close my eyes, it is your smile I will see”. The princess then brought out a beautiful old carved box and gave it to the prince asking him never to open it.

Years passed. The father of the princess, the king had many enemies. One dark night, a masked intruder entered the princess’s chambers, pulled out his dagger and pierced the heart of the Princess. Not wanting to be caught, he slipped into the darkness and ran away.

The next morning, the king was rushed into the princess’s chambers. He couldn’t hold back his tears when he saw all the blood around. He held his daughter’s hand in his and started weeping. Suddenly, to his astonishment, the princess opened her eyes and said in her soft voice “Father, weep not. For it will take much more than a dagger from your enemies to kill me”. The king stepped back and lo behold, the princess got out of bed, unharmed and alive as if nothing had happened.

The kingdom declared it a miracle. There was rejoicing all around. When the news reached the prince, he was distraught with worry and sent a scroll with his messenger to the princess. It said “Oh fair one, tell me who saved you. I will honor that person for life”.

The princess sent a short scroll back. The prince smiled when he read “My love, you don’t need to look far for my savior. For it is you. The wooden box I gave you has my soul in it. Till the day you keep it safe, no one can hurt me. I remain – always yours”.


Anonymous said...

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B2 said...

surely you must be under the influence of some controlled substances...

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

hahhaa.....BB, it takes posts like these to get you to comment, so they r well worth it :)!! I guess my future as Enid Blton is not very bright :P!!

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